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Missouri Bullet Company is a family owned company that manufactures cast bullets in serene rural western Missouri, 40 miles southeast of Kansas City. We use the latest models of Magma Engineering's equipment, currently Mark 7 casters and LubeMasters with M-A Systems and Howell CNC bullet collators.

We have a customer-oriented marketing philosophy and a quality-oriented bullet manufacturing philosophy. Always innovative, we bring new ideas to the table, ideas which have paid off sufficiently well that we have to struggle to keep up with steadily increasing demand.

We do some things different from the other cast bullet manufacturers. Here is a quick summary:

1.) Hardness optimization. If you have read our "Technical" page, then you know about this. Other manufacturers seem to cast their bullets to a single hardness and that is fine if your loads happen to develop the PSI that that hardness matches. If you don't then you are out of luck. We make the bullet hardness match what you want it to do, giving you the benefit of reduced leading and increased accuracy.

2.) Website. We maintain the website ourselves so it is always current. There are many little things that aren't even noticable yet very professionally done, such as the fact that the prices you see on our site are pulled directly from the SQL database, so that there is never any question whether the prices on the website are current or not - they are, because the prices are those that are in the database. If we change a price, that price instantly changes on the website. Compare this to some of the other store-bought sites out there which say something like "Prices current as of July, 2006!"

3.) Discounts. Which other bullet manufacturers offer advertised discounts to sworn Law Enforcement, Military and NRA Instructors? Who else has a registered gun club discount program?

4.) Convenience. Someone on a gun forum suggested that we offer Lewis Lead Removers so I took him up on that suggestion and sell the heck out of them now. We don't make any money on them to speak of and it is a hassle keeping the kits and accessories for them stocked up, but by doing it we offer a benefit to shooters who want to quickly clean their gun of any lead residue.

5.) Flat-rate shipping. We're not alone in this, but we do make it possible to efficiently maximize your shipping dollar by bundling more light bullets into a shipping carton than is commonly the case. We can get 3,000 bullets weighing under 150 grains into a flat-rate USPS shipping carton.

6.) Fast shipping.  We excel in getting orders out quickly, getting most of them out either the same or next day.  Check the reloading forums and search for our company name and you will find many folks expressing astonishment at the speed with which they received their orders.

7.) Selection.  We have more than 180 bullets in our line, far more than most other manufacturers. And we will customize these for you, if we can, with your special sizing and hardness requirements.

8.) Price. We are among the most competitive manufacturers in the business. We aggressively control costs by buying our alloy by the 22-ton truckload, keeping our equipment well-maintained, providing incentive pay to our employees, and keeping all of our marketing in-house. We own the equipment and own the building with the land it sits on. We print own own labels, do our own shipping, buy quality supplies in huge quantities, and make every effort to use economies of scale to keep unit cost down. We even sell the lead alloy we use for our bullets in 66-lb. units to the casting public so that we can maintain a high rate of purchases at the most favorable rates. The result of all this is a fine selection of quality bullets that we can sell for a reasonable profit while offering you prices that are 8-20% under the competition. And chances are, we'll ship them more quickly and less expensively!

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Our mailing address is:
Missouri Bullet Company
1551 SW 25th Road
Kingsville, MO 64061

Our fax number is 816-597-3353

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