Registered Clubs

Members of registered clubs receive discounts. The club registration must be requested by an officer of the club. We will then issue a discount code to that officer so that he or she can distribute the discount code to the club members. If you are an officer and would like to register your club so that your members can receive discounts, click here to email us.

336 Rifle & Pistol Club
67 Gun Club Inc
Acushnet Rifle & Pistol Club
Ada Skeet and Trap Club
Adair County Sportsmen's Club
Adams Conservation Club
Agawam Revolver Club
Alliance Rifle Club
Allied Sportsmen Club of Western New York
Alpena Defensive Pistol League
American Legion Post 217
Americana 1800 Adventure Club
Anderson County Sportsman Club
Androscoggin County Fish & Game
Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club
Ankeny Izaak Walton League
Anne Arundel Fish and Game
Ant Hill IDPA Club
Arab Practical Shooting Club
Arkansas Leadslingers
Arkansas River Valley Gun Club
Arlington Sportsmans Club
Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club
Arvada Rifle and Pistol Club
Ascend Hunt Club
Asheville Rifle & Pistol Club
Ashland Gun Club
Athens Fish and Game Club
Athens Rifle Club
Atlanta Conservation Club
Aurora Sportsmens Club
Austin Rifle Club
Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association
Barber-Greene Hunting and Fishing Club
Barstow Gun Club
Bayshore Sportsman Club
Bear Creek Volunteers
Bedford County Tactical
Belen Shooting Sports
Beloit Rifle Club
Belton Gun Club
Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis
Benton Gun Club
Big Piney Sportsmans Club
Big Sky Practical Shooting Club
Binghamton Gun Club
Binghamton Rifle Club
Black Ash Sportsman Inc
Black Diamond Gun Club
Black Swamp Rifle and Pistol Club
Blasdell Rod and Gun Club
Blue Bell Rifle Club Inc
Blue Grass Sportsmens League
Blue Hills Sportsmen's Club
Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club
Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club
Boyle County Fish & Game Club
Bradford Sportsman Club
Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club
Brentwood Sportsmen's Pistol Club
Bridgeport Rifle Club
Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club
Broad Mountain Hunting Club
Brookhaven National Laboratory Rifle and Pistol Club
Brooklyn Pistol Club
Buccaneer Gun Club
Buckhorn Reloaders and Gun Club
Buckhorn Wildlife Club
Buffalo Creek Gun Club
Buffalo Revolver & Rifle Club
Bull Creek Rod and Gun Club
Bullet Hole Practical Shooting Club
Butler County Sportsmen Rifle and Pistol Club
Butterfield Trail Cowboys
Butterfield Trail Cowboys
Cabinet Rifle and Pistol Club
Calibers Gun Range
Calibers Indoor Gun Range
California Shooters Club
California Wheel Burners
Calso Elks Pistol Club
Canby Rod & Gun Club
Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.
Capital City Gun Club
Carolina Tactical Shooters
Carolina West Shooting Club
Cedar Creek Firearms
Cedar Valley Vigilantes
Centennial Gun Club
Central Alabama Gun Club
Central Carolina Gun Club
Central Carolinas Shooting Club
Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club
Central Illinois Pistol Shooters Club
Central Iowa River Gun Club
Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club
Central Kansas Gun Club
Central Ozarks Practical Shooters
Central Texas Rifle and Pistol
Centralia Trap Club
CGSSA Reloading Club
Chambersburg Rod and Gun Club
Charleston Air Force Base Club
Chattooga County Wildlife Club
Cherokee 4H Shooting Sports
Cherokee County Sportsmans Assoc.
Cherry Creek Gun Club
Chester Rod and Gun Club
Cheyenne Regulators
Chickasaw Shooting Sports Association
Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club
Chippewa County Shooting Association
Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association
Chittenden County Fish And Game Club
Cincinnati Revolver Club
Clarence Shooting Club
Clark County Sportsmans Club
Clark Rifles Inc
Cleveland Hunting, Rifle & Pistol Club
Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association
Club LIF
Coast Rifle and Pistol Club
Cobleskill Richmondville Pistol Team
Coffee County Gun Club
Coffeyville Shooters Club
Colfax Gun Club
Coloma Rod and Gun Club
Colorado Cowboys
Colorado Territory Ghost Riders 4-H Club
Compton Hunting and Fishing Club
Concho Valley Shooters
Connecticut Action Pistol Shooters
Cos Cob Revolver and Rifle Club
Council Bluffs Rifle and Pistol Club
Country Pond Fish & Game Club
Crumhorn R&G Club
CUSPIS Training
Custer Sportsmens ClubClub
Davidson County Sportsmans Club
Delaware State Pistol Club
Delran Junior Marksman Club
Delta Rifles
DePere Sportsmens Club
Des Moines Valley Sportsmans Club
Desert Shooters Association
Desert Sportsmans Rifle and Pistol Club
Dixie Desperados
Dormont-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmens Club
Dripping Springs Shooting Team
Dripping Springs Shooting Team
DuBois Rifle and Pistol Club
Dutchess County Pistol Association
East Alabama Gun Club, LLC.
East End Rod & Gun Club
East Grand Forks Road and Gun Club
East Meadow Gun Club
Eastern Nebraska Gun Club
EIEIO Hunt/Gun Club
El Paso Gun Club
Elbert County Gun Club
Eldorado Cowboys
Elgin Rifle Club
Elk River Long Rifles
Elkhorn Pistol Club
Elks River Sportsman Club
Elm City Gun Club
Emerald Empire Gun Club
Escambia River Gun Club
Escondido Fish and Game
Estacada Rod and Gun Club
Estes Park Gun and Archery Club
Eustis Gun Club
Exeter Sportsmans Club
Fairbanks Alaska Shooter
Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association
Fairfield Rifle and Pistol Club
Fairfield Sportsmen Association
Fall Creek Valley Conservation Club
Fayetteville Practical Shooting Association
Fenton Lakes Sportsmans Club
Fergus Falls Rifle and Pistol Club
Flagler Gun & Archery Club
Flushing Rifle and Pistol Club
Fort Belmont Regulators
Fort Des Moines Rangers
Fort Hill Rifle & Pistol Club
Franklin Targeteers
Free State Rangers
Friends of the Rupert Shooting Complex Inc.
Front Sight Social Club
Frontier Regulators
Frontier Sportsmans Club
Fulton County Sportsmen Club
G.L. Gun Works
Gallup Shooters Gun Club
Gardner Rifle and Pistol Club
Garfield County Rifle Association
Garretson Sportsmens Club
Gem City Outdoorsman Club
Gemmer Muzzle Loading Gun Club
Georgia ICORE
Georgia Mountain Shooting Association
Gig Harbor Sportsman Club
Gillette Gun Club
Glencadia Rod and Gun Club
Golden Gun Club
Golden Triangle Gun Club
Good Guys Posse
Grand Mere Rifle and Pistol Club
Grays Harbor Rifle and Pistol Club
Graysville Gun Club
Green Mill Sportsman
Grumman Rod and Gun Club
Guan Ho Ha
Gun Shack
Gunnison Sportsmens Association
Hale Mountain Fish and Game Club Inc
Haltom City Rifle and Pistol Club
Hamilton County Fish and Game of Noblesville, IN
Hampton Rifle and Pistol Club
Hat Creek Regulators
Hawkeye Rifle and Pistol Club
Headland Skeet & Gun Club
Helderberg Rod and Gun Club
Hernando Sportsmans Club
Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club
Highlanders Rifle Club
Hillsdale Gun Club
Hillsdale Range & Training Facility
Hobbs Gun Club
Hodag Sports Club
Hole In The Wall Gang
Holland Rod and Gun Club
Hollidaysburg Sportsman Club
Honey Island Shooting Range
Hope Rifle and Pistol Club
Horseshoe Fish and Game Club
Houghton Lake Sportsmens Club
Hudson Fish and Game Club
Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery Club
Humboldt Rifle and Pistol Club
Hutton Hill Rifle and Revolver
Independence Gun Club
Indian Territory SASS
Itasca Gun Club
Jackson County Sportsmans Club
Jackson Hole Gun Club
Jefferson Outlaws
Johnson County Fish And Game Association
Johnson County, MO 4-H Shooting Sports
Joplin Rifle and Pistol Club
K.C. Corral
Kadat Sport Farm
Kanawha Valley Regulators
Kansas Vigilance Committee
Karlin Prairie Shooting Club
Kaw Valley Gun Club
Kentuckiana Practical Defense League
Kentucky Regulators
Kern Shooting Sports
Kingspoint Sportsmans Club
Knob Creek Gunfighters Guild
L Anguille Practical Pistol League
Lafayette Gun Club (MO)
Lafayette Gun Club of Virginia
Laguna Seca
Lake Cook Rod and Gun Club
Lake Edinboro Sportsmans League
Lake Garnett Sporting Club
Lake Island Rifle and Pistol Club
Lake Lotawana Sportsmans Club
Lakeland Rifle & Pistol Club
Lakewood Marshals Cowboy Action Shooting Club
Lapeer County Sportsmans Club
Lehigh Fishing and Hunting Assoc.
Leicester Rod and Gun
Lewis & Clark Rifle & Pistol Club
Lewis Wetzel Rifle and Pistol Club Inc.
Liberty Land and Cattle Company
Lincoln County Rifle Club
Lincoln Izaak Walton League
Linn County Pistol Club
Litchfield Gun Club
Little River Sportsman's Association
Logans Ferry Sportsman Club
Long Creek Rifle & Pistol Club
Long Island Firearms Forum
Long Island Tactical
Los Altos Rod & Gun Club
LTD Pistol
Luxemburg Sportsmans Club, Inc.
Madison County Sportsmens Club
Maine Bullet Casters and Reloaders
Major Waldron Sportsmens Association
Manhattan Wildlife Association
Manville Sportsmen's Rod and Gun Club
Marana Shooting Club
Marion Road Gun Club
MARS Skeet Club
Marshfield Rod & Gun Club
Martin County Sportsmens Association
Marysville Rifle Club
Massasoit Gun Club
Masseys Gun Shop And Range
Mattituck Gun Club
Maury County Gun Club
Maxey Rifleman Gun Club
McLean County Peacemakers
Mecklenburg Wildlife Club
Mecklenburg Wildlife Defensive Shooters
Medina Bird Club
Memphis Sport Shooting Association
Miami Rifle and Pistol Club
Michigan Gun Owners
Michigan Police Combat Pistol Association
Mid Carolina Rifle Club
Mid Missouri Marksmen
Mid West Pin and Steel Blasters
Mid-Continent Gun Club of Welch Minnesota
Middletown Anglers and Hunters
Midland Shooter Association
Midland Sportsman Club
Military Arms
Mill Creek
Missouri Gun & Quail Club
Missouri Sport Shooting Association
Mohave Defensive Shooters Club
Mohave Sportsman Club
Mohawk Rifle and Pistol Club
Monocacy Pistol Club
Monroe Rifle and Pistol Club
Mount Joy Sportsmen's Association Inc
Mount Morris Sportsmen Club
Mountain Valley Sportsmans Association
Multi-Lakes Conservation Association
Murray State College Gun Club
Nanticoke Sportsmen's Club, Inc.
Napa Rod and Gun Club
Nappanee Conservation Club
Nashua Fish and Game
Nassau Sportsmen's Club
Navy Marksmanship Team
Nebraska Territorial Rangers
Negaunee Rod & Gun Club
Neuse River Regulators
Nevada Rangers Cowboy Action Shooters Society
New Haven Sportsman's Club
New Jersey Gun Forums
New Mexico Bighorn Gun Club
New-Ocea Free Trappers
Newport Rifle Club
Noaawiva Sportsman Shooting Club
North Ashland County Wildlife Conservation League
North East Washington Regulators
North Porter County Conservation Club
North Suburban Police Pistol League
North Troy Sportsmans Club
North Valley Shooting Association
North West Montana Arms Collectors Association
Northeast Nebraska Shooting Association
Northeastern Kentucky Fish and Game Association
Northern Colorado Rod & Gun
Northern Illinois Rifle and Pistol Club
Northern New Jersey Police Revolver League
Northern Virginia Gun Club
Northumberland Point Township Sportsman's Assn
Northwest Missouri Defensive Pistol Club
Oakdale Gun Club
Oakland County Sportsmen's Club
OBX Gun Club
Ocala Sportsmans Association
Odessa Gun Club
Ojai Valley Gun Club
OKI Rifle and Pistol Club
Oklahoma City Gun Club
Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club
Old Fort Sharp Shooters
ORCO Sportsman's Association
Oregon Trail Rough Riders
Osceola Organized Practical Shooters
Outlet Rod and Gun Club
Owl Creek Gun Club
Ozaukee County Fish & Game
Pachaug Outdoor Club
Palmerton Rod and Gun Club
Palmyra Sportsmenans Association Inc
Panhandle Gun Club
Pardoe Sportsmen Association
Pardoe Sportsmen's Association
Parker County Sportsman Club
Pathfinder Fish and Game Club
Pheasant Run Sportsmans Club
Phillipsburg Pistol Club
Philmont Rod and Gun Club
Phoenix Gun Club
Piasa Rifle and Pistol Club
Picayune Smoke Polers
Pickens County Sportsman Club
Pima Pistol Club
Pine Bluff Gun Club
Pine City Sportsmen Club
Pine River Outfitters
Pioneer Gun Club
Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc
Pitt County Wildlife Club
Pleasant River Fish and Game Association
Pleasant Valley Renegades
Plymouth Rod and Gun Club
Ponca City Rifle and Pistol Club
Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club
Portneuf Rangers Cowboy Action Shooting Club
Post Rock Rifle and Pistol Club
Poteau Mountain Gun Club
Poulsbo Sportsman Club
Powder Creek Cowboys
ProTEQ Firearms Academy
Providence Revolver Club, Inc.
Pungo Posse Cowboy Action Club
Purgatory Falls Fish and Game Club
Putnam County Fish and Game Assoc
Quantico Shooting Club
Racine County Line Rifle Club
Red Creek Conservation Club
Red River Regional Marksmanship Center
Red River Regional Marksmanship Center
Redmond Rod & Gun Club
Redwood Gun Club
Rhode Island Garand Collectors
Ridgway Rifle Club
Rifle and Pistol Club of Fort Dodge
Rio Rancho Regulators
Rio Salado Cowboy Action Shooting Society
River City Rifle & Pistol Club
River Falls Sportsman Club
River Junction Shootist Society
River Valley Cowpokes
Riverside Gun Club
Rock County Rifle and Pistol Club
Rockdale Rod and Gun Club
Rocky Mount Shrine Club
Rocky Springs Gun Club
Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club
Roundup Sportsmans Association
Rousch Rangers
Russell County Regulators
Sackets Harbor Sportsmans Club
Sacramento Defensive Pistol Shooters
Saint Bernard Rifle and Pistol Club
Sandia Gun Club
Sanford Springvale Fish & Game
Sangre Shooting Sports Club
Santa Cruz Sheriffs Pistol Team
Scales Mound Gun Club
Scotts Valley Sportsmen's Club
Sebastopol Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.
Sedalia Rod and Gun Club
Shawnee Shooting Sports Club
Shoal Creek Shootists
Shortgrass Rangers
Skowhegan Sportsman's Club
Skyline Hunting and Fishing Inc
Slope Area Rifle and Pistol Club
Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club
South Bay Rod & Gun Club
South Central Handgunners Club
South County Rod & Gun club
South East Idaho Practical Shooters
South Suburban Police Pistol League
South Texas Pistolaros
Southampton Pistol & Rifle Club
Southern Idaho Rangers
Southern Illinois Lead Slingers
Southern Michigan Sportsman Club
Southern Minnesota Sportsman's Club
Southern Missouri Rangers
Southwest Kansas Rifle and Pistol Club
Spirit Lake Training Range
Spokane Rifle Club
Sportsmens Club of Clifton Park
Springfield Benchrest Rifle Club
Squaw Butte Regulators
St. Bernard Pistol and Rifle Range
St. Charles Sportsmans Club - Elburn, Illinois
St. Charles Sportsmans Club - Waldorf, Maryland
St. Joseph County Restoration Club
St. Joseph Rifle and Pistol Club
Stillwater Firearms Association
Stillwater in Fallon
Stoughton Fish and Game
Stratford Gun Collectors Assn
Sucker Creek Outlaws
Sun City Fire Shooting Club
Sun City Sportsmans Club
Sun River Rangers Shooting Society
Sun River Rangers Shooting Society of Simms, MT
Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club
Sunrise Rifle and Pistol Club
Sunset Mountain Fish and Game
Superior Sportsmans Club
SureShot Gun Store
Swamp Water Shooters
Syracuse Pistol Club
Tacoma Sportsmens Club
Tallahassee Practical Shooters
Tallahassee Rifle
Tanana Valley Sportsmens Association
Taunton Rifle and Pistol
Taylor Pistol Club
Taylorville Rifle and Pistol Club
Tech Gun Club
Ted Brodgon Ranger Club
Temple Gun Club
Tenafly Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.
Tennessee Action Pistol
Tennessee Mountain Marauders
Texarkana Gun Club
Texas Panhandle Pistol Club
The Blind Squirrels Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Club
The Bull Shooters, Inc.
The Liberal Gun Club
The Old Dogs Hunt Club
The Outlaws
Thomaston Fish And Game Club
Thunder River Renegades
Todd County Gun Club
Tomball Gun Club
Tonto Rim Sports Club
Torrington Gun Club
Town and Country Gun Club
Trafford Sportsmen Club
Tri City Gun Club
Tri-County Gun Club
Tri-Range Pistol Club
Tristate Gun Club
Troy Pistol League
Tucson Rifle Club, Inc.
Tuesday Night Bullseye Shooters
Tulpehocken Rifle & Pistol Club
Tulsey Town Cattlemen's Association
Tupper Lake Rod & Gun Club
Turkeyfoot Cowboys
Tuscaloosa Gun Club
Twin Cities Rod & Gun Club
Twin City Rifle Club
Twin City Shooting Club
Twin Lakes Gun Club
UF Pistol Team
Umpqua Regulators
United Sportsman Club - Jefferson City
University of Maryland Rifle & Pistol Club
Valley City Rifle and Pistol Club
Valley Gun Club
Valley Gun Club, Franklin, NE
Valley Isle Sports Shooters
Valley Vaqueros
Valparaiso Pistol and Rifle Club, Inc.
Vernon County Shooters Association
Virginia Hunter Education Association
Virginia Rifle and Pistol Club
Waldwick Pistol and Rifle Club
Walnut Creek Rifle Club
Warsaw Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.
Wasatch Pins and Plates Club
Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club of Waterloo, NY
Watervliet Fish and Game
Wayne College Sport Shooting Club
Wells Rifle and Pistol Club
West Georgia Tactical Shooters
West Houston IDPA
West Walker Sportsman's Club
Western Nevada Pistol League
Western Wyoming Riflemans Association
Westside Sportsmans Club
Wild Life Action - Pee Dee Chapter
Williston Shooters Club
Willmar Rifle Pistol Club
Windsor Fish & Game Association
Windsor Rod & Gun Club
Wisconsin Old West Shootists
Wood and Brook Sportmans Club
Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club
Wright County Gun Club
Zeppelin Rifle Club
Zia Rifle & Pistol Club

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