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Now, range report. I think I'm in love again! I loaded some 9 mm with your bullets in front of 4 gr of Hodgdon TiteGroup and they are a perfect shot. My aim is still off on the Ruger, but they shot really well. There is a noticeable spark or muzzle flash, but that's OK. I'm going to try another powder on the next set I load.

What I'm in love with is my CZ 40B with your bullet ahead of 5.5 gr of Unique powder. First time I tried this recipe. Wow, perfect control, two bulls in a row. I was floating. This was my least favorite gun as it is fairly light and kicks well, but I like the 1911 style. This load was just right!! That's why I need the extra box of .40s this time (two instead of one).

One more thing (two actually). I've gotten into a couple of forums, Bersa Talk and Hi-Point forum and have told them about your bullets in the reloading section, so you may be getting busier. The second thing is that I've noticed that I'm not getting a lead residue in my barrel. I run the brush with Hoppe's #9 each time after I shoot then clean with rags and one or two gun oils with cleaners until they are shiny clean. I've used the Lewis Lead remover twice and haven't needed it, really. Good job!!

Dave G.

I shot the ppc bullets you cast in the match on 6-13-07, and found them to be very good. I also gave 5-6 people samples of them as well. We have another match on 6-23-07, so I will know more then. Please send me 6000 more, and some business cards so these guys can start ordering.

I appreciate your willingness to do what it takes to put out a good product.

Thanks, Jeffrey S.

Had a pretty good target this last weekend.... 100-9 @ 25yds but I was looking at the 200gr SWC not the RNFP.

So 8,000 200gr SWC at 11 BHN, Can you take a credit card / paypal?

Thanks, Tim C

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(4 bxs of 357 bullets)
Brad, received bullets. Thank you I believe these are the best most uniform bullets I have ever purchased.

I received my order today. Unbelievably fast!   I have no doubt that I know where all my bullets will be coming from for now on.  I was wondering if you had a website or other direct method for ordering?  I also believe our club membership would be interested in your product as I know they all too suffer with the frequent shortages around here. The newly built site is

Thanks again, Ryan

Thank you for your message. I'm sure you are very busy, and for you to personally send me a note about my order impresses me to no end. I did get the bullets Saturday and am very pleased with them. They have the look of a high quality product.

This is my 1st order from your company and because of your personal involvement, top quality bullets,and good prices, it will not be my last. I am very happy with my order and the quickness with which it was delivered. I look forward to doing business with you again and again.

Thank you, Bill

Hello again,

Husband loves your bullets...gotta have more

This order I would like 2000 230 grain round nose Match, please.
If you could please let us know when you have other cal's.

Thank you, Heidi

Received bullets and left feedback. Very pleased with the quality. I am sending your info to several of my friends with the highest recommendation. Hope to drum you up more Texas business.

Thanks again, Eric

I was out in Ohio at the conventional pistol nationals.  (Camp Perry) AZ took first in a couple events.  Personally I ended up in the top 10 for sharpshooters.  Made the International team.  So, I'm happy with the results.  (So, I haven't been reloading for a few months).

Your bullets performed wonderfully.  I'm just starting to reload my last 4,000 of that last batch.

Like your new label.


I am EXTREMELY impressed with your bullets. I have been a fan of Oregon Trail bullets, but yours are cleaner and quite a bit more accurate! Thanks for a quality product.
See attached picture.

Mike M.

Brad,  just wanted to let you know your bullets (185 gr .452) work great and they are very accurate.  They are an improvement over what I've been shooting.

Thanks,  Joe

I finally got to shoot a match with your Major PF 200 SWC .45 bullets. I shot 130 rounds and it looked like I had shot jacketed when I cleaned it. A few swipes with a patch got what lead was there and the rest was just powder residue!

I was wondering if you worked up those 230s yet? I'm gearing up for SS nationals in April of 08 and want this gun running perfectly before then with the perfect load. Either 3.8 clays and 230s or 4.1 and 200s.


Brad, I loaded a couple batches of .38s and .357s the past week and finally got to the range yesterday.

I loaded the .38s over "about" 4.3 gr of AA#5 for a very mild .38 Special - even less than the Winchester "USA" White Box ammo. This will be a good plinking load and introductory load for my wife when/if she decides to pick up the big Ruger. I loaded the .357s with "about" 8 gr of AA#5 for a relatively mild .357 load. Likewise, they were less stiff than some factory stuff I have at the house, but about on par with CCI Blazer Aluminum. (I say "about" because after checking the loads over the scale, I've been using Lee's dippers to measure these loads. The dippers are "about" accurate (well within 5% consistency) so it works for me.)

Both bullets provided good accuracy - at ten yards, I was cutting out the center bull, let's say 3" circles. The SWCs provide nice clean holes that even my bad eyes let me see clearly. Tried a few 100 yard shots, for kicks and grins as they say, and I managed to hit the paper...let's just leave it at that. Never done long-distance shooting before, so I'll have to try it again when the wind isn't quite so stiff. Barrel of the gun looks good, so leading doesn't seem to be a problem at all - hooray!

I wanted to again thank you for an excellent product at a reasonable price. As I mentioned, I'm talking you up on the various gun boards I visit, so I hope it will send some business your way.

Sincerely, Jonathan M.

We got notice on the last 4 cartons on Monday, and picked them up yesterday.

The bullets are EXCELLENT!!  and hard as a brick, which is perfect.

Our group has been buying from several manufacturers, and most have not been hard enough to make IPSC major without tumbling. 

Many thanks,


I started using Missouri Bullets in Sep 2008. Missouri Bullets has helped me to 'B' class in USPSA Single Stack within 10 months of competing. And I placed 3rd in Limited 10 'C' division at the 2009 Golden Bullet Championship. I honestly feel that Missouri Bullets will take me to 'A' class.


For the record, your bullets are wonderful! I'm one of a small group of IDPA shooters, and have reloaded for as many as five, so I've been through many different bullets, getting to yours. I was somewhat skeptical about your leading claims, and a bit hesitant to go back to unjacketed bullets, but am still startled by how well Missouri Bullets shoot, and how little leading there is. We recently tried your 30-30 #1 Whitetail. After chronographing several loads through the Marlin, shooting twenty of your bullets, the first patch down the bore only showed lead where it contacted the brush it was wrapped around - the rifle cleaned in minutes. The .40 and .38 are an equal joy to clean, even after a couple hundred rounds at a major match. There are three of us reloading now, and we're all converts. Keep up the great work, kudos to everyone there!


Thought you would like to know that I just ordered 1000 more of your cowboy #11 bullets, they shoot great out of my Ruger 357. And they reload with no problem at all. I am glad I found you keep up the great work. With this order it will make 2500 bullets that I have ordered from you and I plan to tell all the people that shoot and reload how to get in touch with you so they can order great bullts. Thanks again.


PS My 11 year old daughter shoots them also and she is a great shot now with these bullets.

I just received my first order from you last week and am quiet pleased. The order was for 125 gr 9mm which have proven to be accurate and of good shape to acheive optium OAL in cartridge. Also, by shipping "flat rate" the cost of product combined with freight is very reasonable, especially to Alaska. I will definately be placing more orders.


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